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Wendy Davis says East Texans welcomed her with open arms


State Senator Wendy Davis talked directly to East Texans in person on Saturday as she continues her campaign for Texas Governor. Davis made her second East Texas campaign stop Saturday in Tyler and Longview. The democratic nominee is really pushing her fight for equal rights and equal pay for women.

"I believe that every voter in Texas counts and I want to make sure that I have an opportunity to get in front of every voter that I possibly can," Wendy Davis said.
Several supporters in Saturday's crowd traveled more than 100 miles just to meet Davis. One family even made her a t-shirt.

"We want Wendy is what the shirt says," Tawana Walter-Cadien said. "I think it's a high time for the citizens of the state of Texas to have someone that actually cares about them, and will fight for them and look out for their best interests."

Davis says being in East Texas is an honor and she feels privileged as the democratic nominee to meet so many supporters in the area.

"I feel especially privileged to know people across the state, men and women alike, understand that we need a new vision for Texas; someone who's going to take us into a twenty first century education," Davis said.

She is also taking a stand on equal pay for equal work for women in Texas. Shirley McKellar of Tyler also hopes to change this as she runs for the district one U.S. Congress position.

"It's just like listening to my own self because everything that she is talking about I am for that," McKellar said. "I want to fight for the veterans. I want to fight for the women and equal rights."
Before Davis left Tyler to speak to supporters in Longview she wanted the crowd to know why they should vote for her.

"I am telling you that with your voices, and with your strength, and with your help, you will elect a fighter to the governor's office," Davis said. "I will never forget that you are the people that put me there. Your voices will be the voices in the Texas capitol."

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