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Land developer responds to resident road complaints


Gallemore Lane is a bumpy, pot-holed filled road in Caddo Parish and residents say they are fed up. For years residents have blamed the land developer for this road headache, but KSLA News 12 sat down with the Land Developer who says he is not to blame.

"I'm not just going to come running when someone calls me because I don't own any land out there anymore," says Steve Gross. Gross says he once owned the land, but after he sold the lots it was no longer under his control.

Gross pointed to a Road Maintenance Agreement from Caddo Parish, "My customers are to maintain themselves as if it is an extention of their driveway," says Gross.

He says according to this document the residents are now in charge of maintaining the road, so why the confusion?

"I didn't sell each one of these properties one of my sales reps did, I don't know if the customer was explained fully," says Gross.

KSLA News 12 brought Paige Head, resident who lives on Gallemore Lane, to talk to Mr.Gross herself.

"So you see this document gives the responsibility back to the land owner to do their own maintenance," says Gross.

"Whenever I first went to buy the property with my Grandmother to purchase the property we were told the road would be paved," says Head.

Even though the road is paved with problems, there may be a solution.

"I would be glad to help, if you would get some of the other residents and land owners together and we all set up a little work day out there it would be great," says Gross.

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