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Bossier City on last leg of $8 million water meter installation

Bossier City is installing new water meters. Bossier City is installing new water meters.
Bossier City is on the last leg of its $8 million project to install new automated water meters.

City leaders say around 19,000 new meters have now been installed at homes and businesses. 
The installations started June of 2013 and will likely be completed by June of 2014, with a total of 23,500 meters installed, said city spokesman Mark Natale.

The Bossier City Council agreed to move forward with the meters, manufactured by Sensus, after a trial period from March 2012 to March 2013 proved their success. 

Using graphs, water billing employee Brenda Burns can see the hourly usage for any customer.  It's a new feature that comes with the wireless and automated meters and replaces the need for a city employee to walk meter to meter and record the information.

Instead, water usage data is sent through a signal right back to water billing employees at city hall. "Time is going to be the biggest difference in my job, I'll be able to do everything from here at my computer," Burns said. 
The new meters also provide a more efficient and accurate way to bill customers. "If there is a discrepancy, we can [tell the customer] it happened at this time on this day," she said. 
Every drop of water is now recorded, it's something South Bossier Business Owner Terry Reuther learned the hard way, after her new meter was installed last year. "It was quite a shock because it was almost double what it originally was," said Reuther.

Through one of her first bill's with the new water meter, she was able to learn she had a leaky toilet that was running up the bill. "Consequently, it was counting every drop of water that was going through the system," she said. 
Ever since getting the new meter Reuther is more diligent about conserving water to save money. "If an employee was washing dishes and she didn't quite turn off that sink and there was a drip over night, we are going to see it on the bill the next month," she said. 

The city has a warranty on the new meters for 25 years. 

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