Family First: East Texas mom talks 'extreme couponing'

Family First: East Texas mom talks 'extreme couponing'
© Pristina Snellgrove says you can rack up on items like these if you coupon the right way.
© Pristina Snellgrove says you can rack up on items like these if you coupon the right way.

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - We've all seen the reality show where couponers go to extreme lengths to save huge amounts of cash, but one East Texas mom says that's simply not the way to go.

Pristina Snellgrove admits couponing is certainly an acquired skill. A mother of three and full-time worker, she has been couponing for 15 years. She took up the cost cutting idea when she was looking for ways to tighten her budget.

"In having a family of five, I really have to do this in order for us to have everything we need," she said."

The habit of not paying full price grew into a sport of sorts. She now uses what she calls the "Binder Method" to sort through the thousands of coupons she collects every day.

"To me couponing is a game, because you're matching sales with coupons, you're trying to get as many items free as you can. After so long when you're saving that much money it gets hard to pay full price for anything."

But Snellgrove said there is a method to the madness.

"Monday night it takes me about one hour. I'll sit and I'll clip, sort and pull out all of my expired and then I'll usually plan on Wednesday nights cause that's usually when the local grocery ad comes out," she said.

The coupon queen is often asked how she has come to be so good at her craft. To answer those questions she started a Facebook page to help working moms like herself cut back by buying in bulk. On the page, she warns that you shouldn't be confused by what you see on reality TV.

"Once that show came out, there were so many people that saw it on TV and thought, 'Well I can do that too,' and they didn't understand all the policies and rules you have to abide by when you coupon."

Snellgrove said she ultimately wants to help other families during these hard economic times by showing them how to cut cost where they can.

"It is hard raising a family," she said. "It is expensive and you can still have luxuries without actually spending much money"

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