Ford's ex-wife: I knew he was innocent

Ex wife of Ford says she knew he was innocent

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - The ex-wife and mother of Glenn Ford's children says she's always believed in his innocence, and looks forward to him meeting their youngest son.

Ford spent walked out of the Louisiana State Penitentiary on Tuesday, nearly 25 years after his first degree murder conviction in the death of Shreveport jeweler Isadore Rozeman.

Rozeman was found shot to death inside his Stoner Avenue store on November 5, 1983. Police arrested Ford and 3 other men in connection with the investigation. Charges were eventually dropped against all but Ford, who had done yard work for Rozeman.

Ford's wife, Versie McGee, was pregnant with one of his children and living back in their hometown in California when she heard of his arrest.

McGee had hoped to secure her husband's freedom by taking the stand during his trial as a character witness, but says when she arrived at the airport, Ford's attorney told her that it was too late. Her husband had been convicted, and faced the death penalty.

"I never even left the airport. I just waited for the next plane going back to California," said McGee. And she never stopped believing in Ford's innocence.

The Caddo District Attorney's Office would come to believe it, too, after receiving new information last fall that corroborated his claim that he was not present or involved in Rozeman's death.

But Caddo DA Charles Scott stops short of clearing Ford of all wrongdoing. "The jury in the Glenn Ford case found that under aggravated circumstances Glen Ford was involved in the armed robbery, and we certainly believe that he was complicit in the armed robbery," said Scott.

McGee says she remained convinced of Ford's innocence all along, and even flew back to Shreveport for Ford's appeal. She says she wouldn't have even recognized him had she not heard a guard announce his arrival.

"And I heard somebody yelling 'dead man walking, dead man walking'. And I saw him come down the hall with shackles on," said McGee.

When asked how she felt hearing those words about her husband, McGee says, "It was like having a stake driven through your heart, it was the most horrible thing to hear."

"I've lived a nightmare for over thirty years," McGee says. It was a nightmare she awoke from on Tuesday, when she watched news video of Ford walking out of the front gates of Angola.

With the father of her children now free, McGee says the next thing she wants to hear is his introduction to their youngest son, who he's never met.

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