Tango Transportation Benefits From Hummer 3

Tango Transportation trucks swarm Shreveport's Industrial Loop and there could be many more now that GM announced plans for it's Hummer 3. Tango driver Chad Sharpley ships parts from Gm suppliers to the plants and calls the Hummer 3 exciting news. Sharpley says, "it's a big improvement for Shreveport, brought in a lot of new jobs and created a lot of jobs for a lot of people." Shipley, along with others working for Tango, made the move from Coushatta to Shreveport with the company. Tango President, B.J. Gorman says, "we are originally from Shreveport, I was born and raised here, my dad, we've lived most of our lives here." Now Gorman, and his CEO father Robert, wait to host an open house for their financial drive headquarters, trying to lure Louisiana's best. Robert Gorman says, "so we're bringing people home."

Others have migrated to Louisiana for a job, like Greg Taylor, who moved from Kentucky and says working at Tango, is great! Taylor says, "it's a great environment, great people to work for, great vision here, have a lot of opportunity, great customer base, great driver base, great people, very excited to be here."

Tango plans to buy about 100 more trucks, but with more trucks, comes the need for more drivers. Gorman anticipates about 100 jobs from drivers, to mechanics, to engineers. B.J. says, "these will be full time jobs, very well paid jobs with benefits." The Gorman's want to provide professional jobs in Shreveport, so people don't have to leave to find work. Robert says, "then you can see your grandchildren, and it just keeps families in Shreveport."

Gorman says the company plans to work with area colleges to groom students for positions and keep graduates in Louisiana.