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Celebs join movement to end gender labels, 'ban bossy'

Victoria Beckham tweeted this #banbossy quote. (Source: Twitter) Victoria Beckham tweeted this #banbossy quote. (Source: Twitter)

On Monday, Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg launched a nationwide campaign aimed at banning the word bossy.

Almost instantly it spawned buzz across social media.

The campaign, backed by celebrities and powerful female leaders such as Beyonce, Condoleezza Rice and Anna Maria Chavez, the CEO of Girl Scouts USA, is aimed at breaking down gender labels and empowering young girls to pursue leadership positions.

On the movement's website, they claim that when boys assert themselves they're seen as leaders, but when girls act the same, they're labeled.

Sandberg said these labels discourage girls from pursuing leadership roles later in life -- something Dr. Julie Kellett, a fellow in developmental behavioral pediatrics at GHS Children's Hospital -- agrees with.

"I think its takes an attribute that should be viewed as a positive attribute and turns it into something dirty, something they wouldn't want to be. And I think that it could discourage a young girl from pursuing, you know, a leadership role in the future," Kellett said.

BanBossy.com gives parents and caregivers ideas as to how to empower young girls by teaching them to speak up, and how to be confident and assertive.

As for breaking gender roles, the website says the home is the most powerful classroom. They say a good tip to making it equal is to have boys do chores like dishes, and the girls do things like take out the trash and mow the lawn.

In the end, they say taking a negative word like bossy and replacing it with positive adjectives like courageous and vocal will help give young girls the confidence they need to lead.

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