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TN bill would protect people who break into hot cars to save children


Tennessee lawmakers are trying to protect people who break into hot cars to save unattended children from extreme temperatures.

In the past, some rescuers have broken windows to try and save children from heat stroke to only later be sued. Now, officials want to give citizens the means to break a window legally if they're ever in this situation.

"I want to raise awareness for families and John Q Public out there, that you have the ability now to save a child's life should you see this occur," said State Rep. David Hawk, R-Greeneville.

Still, Hawk wants to make sure people know this is not a reason to just break into other peoples' cars. If you suspect a child is in danger, a phone call to police would be required before breaking the window.

"This gives them immunity should they choose to do that and act. It's a hold harmless position," Hawk said.

Police can't be everywhere, and Hawk says, in the future, they won't have to be.

"It's going to be individuals working in conjunction with law enforcement to save lives," he said.

Along with notifying law enforcement before breaking a window, citizens would be required to leave a note on the car letting the owner know what's happened or stay near the car with the child until police arrive.

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