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Bulger's Beat: Programs push for kids' attention in STEM fields


There's a new push in Tennessee to get young people interested in the STEM fields, which stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The hope is to raise their curiosity in those disciplines before it's time to choose college and career paths.

When you ask most kids about science and math, they'll tell you it's boring or that it's too hard and they're just not interested. So the STEM project has to find a creative way to fight through that.

Getting kids to think about science is what's happening at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, where Montreal mind-bending theater troupe Y2D Productions Inc. is playing scientifically impossible tricks on stage in a show called LEO.

"I think offering the time to get them interested and stay interested and hopefully choose that path when they go into high school," said Robyn Sellers, with the Adventure Science Center.

The hope is now they'll want to learn more and dig in to Isaac Newton's complicated scientific ideas.

The STEM program in certain instances will have an art component to it, too. The idea there is that some of the fun art stuff that children can see and absorb will just make them want to copy it, learn more about it and, possibly, get on the path to a scientific future.

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