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Man accused of moving into vacant home, stealing victims' money, property and identity

Gary Vanvactor (Source: LMDC) Gary Vanvactor (Source: LMDC)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A woman who lives out of town told Louisville Metro police a man she hired to make repairs at a property she owns in Louisville took her money without doing the work and moved into the vacant home without her knowledge.

Police said between October 15 and December 31, 2013, the victim paid 44-year-old Gary L. Vanvactor approximately $1,200 up front to replace carpeting, paint and perform other tasks after her home on Elba Drive in Louisville sustained water damage.

According to an arrest warrant, Vanvactor moved into the victim's home at some point without the victim's consent. Police said Vanvactor pulled up the carpeting but failed to do any other work at the home.


"I mean apparently it's a lot easier to live in somebody's house than I initially thought," said Brandon Bowles, neighbor. 

Bowles has lived on Elba Drive in Bashford Manor for 20 years. Back in October he says it didn't seem too unusual when a Uhaul showed up at the house across the street.  

"We thought maybe they were renting out the house," said Bowles. "They weren't very personable people so we didn't think too much of it other than they were moving in."

Bowles says Vanvactor and another man unpacked several truck loads of stuff.

"We had a little bit of a run in when they first moved in," said Bowles. "They tore up a little of our property driving the Uhaul and one of them was pretty vulgar to my mother and my father, so that was pretty much the only conversation we have and you hate to judge a book by its cover, but first impressions go a long way." 


The victim told police she arrived in Louisville shortly after Christmas and found Vanvactor living in the home. She ordered him to leave, even though Vanvactor hadn't done the work he had been paid to do and hadn't refunded the victim's money.

In addition, the victim told police Vanvactor had stolen tools, a television and other property from the home, and he had used the victim's son's name and other identifying information to receive service from Insight Communications, Time Warner Cable and the Louisville Water Company. The victim said she had also learned Vanvactor had been using her son's personal information for years to receive the services without her son's consent or knowledge.

"Basically he was living a fictitious life in her rental property as well as through her son," said Dwight Mitchell, LMPD. 

Police said Vanvactor illegally obtained $302 worth of service from Insight Communications and $1,775 worth of service from Time Warner Cable. The amount of service he allegedly stole from the Louisville Water Company is unknown.

"Hopefully he gets put away for awhile and hopefully that woman and son get their money back that they so righteously deserve," said Bowles. 

Vanvactor faces three theft charges including theft of identity and theft by unlawful taking.

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