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EDITORIAL: Kids playing fewer sports

WTOL Vice President and General Manager Bob Chirdon WTOL Vice President and General Manager Bob Chirdon
(Toledo News Now) -

One of these days, warm, spring weather will arrive.  When I was a kid, that meant that I, and just about every boy I knew, were cranked up for youth baseball. 

Now, for some reason, far fewer kids are grabbing bats, balls and gloves.  And the same is true for basketball, soccer, and football.  The causes of these declines are unclear.  I've done some reading on the topic.  Most often, this is blamed on the expense, time-strapped parents, lack of playing fields, video games, sedentary lifestyles and overweight kids.  In addition, there is the obvious focus of coaches on identifying and isolating the top athletes, while the kids who might be in it for fun quickly become insignificant, bored and quit.

We should be concerned.  The fact is that sedentary kids are more likely to become sedentary adults.  And the health issues that follow are numerous. 

Maybe this spring, after such an awful winter, will be different?  Wouldn't it be great to see kids outdoors, being kids?      

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