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Bossier Parish to tighten peddler license regulations

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The Bossier Parish Police Jury voted Wednesday afternoon to toughen up the process of granting peddler licenses.

Former Director of Public Safety Sammy Halphen said reports of suspicious people going door to door prompted the change.
The Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office reported at a January police jury meeting that nearly two dozen people called in to report their concerns about the company. According to Sheriff's Office Spokesman Bill Davis, the calls came from all over the parish, not just a single subdivision.
Turns out parish leaders found, the company did have a peddler's license, but some of the salesmen were convicted felons and the company had complaints with the Better Business Bureau.  The company reportedly dropped off their salesmen without money or transportation in subdivisions and wouldn't pick them back up until they met their quotas. 

The complaints prompted Halphen to ask the police jury to re-visit their peddler licensing policies and asked for an emergency temporary suspension of granting the licenses. 
A 90 day moratorium was placed on issuance of any more peddler licenses. Halphen says the new permit process will include a longer permit waiting period in order to gather more information abot the organization that will be doing the peddling, a photo ID will be required, and sheriff's deputies will have access to more information about the peddlers. 

The Police Jury voted at their March 5 meeting that companies with peddler licenses will have to abide by the jury's new stricter regulations. 

The moratorium won't be lifted until the new policy is complete. 

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