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Father delivers baby on I-75

The newborn baby The newborn baby

A couple traveling on I-75 in Bay County were forced to make an emergency stop in order to deliver their baby.

Born Tuesday, baby William is seven pounds eight ounces, all fingers and toes. He was born at mile marker 163, which is just north of the U.S. 10 exchange with I-75.

"I was in the middle of passing someone and she said 'the baby's coming!' So I started freaking out, I didn't know what to do." said the baby's father Dustin Pfeiffer. 

Dustin and Katie Pfeiffer were racing to the hospital in Saginaw, after Katie went into labor.

"I thought we were going to make it in time, never did I doubt we weren't going to make it," says Katie.

So when his wife's water broke while on I-75, Dustin had no choice but to deliver the baby himself.

"When I was pulling over I was calling an ambulance. They were talking me through everything and I said, 'I'm having a baby on the side of the road'," says Katie.

Cars flying by, and sub zero temperatures are not exactly ideal ways to birth a child.

"We had just cleaned out the car the day before so we didn't have any blankets or anything, but we had a bag of goodwill clothes we were going to drop off so we rummaged through those and grabbed what we could and covered the baby up," says Dustin.

Baby William, or Liam as they call him, was born to his father's arms, on the side of the freeway. Minutes later, an ambulance came to take the family to the hospital.

Baby William will have quite the story to tell his friends one day about how he was born.

And father Dustin says it was amazing to bring his son into the world with his own hands, even with cars zooming 70 miles per hour behind him.

"He's so great. He's such a good baby. Calm and relaxed. He just seems at peace. If he knew what was going on," says Katie.

The Pfeiffers are glad there were no complications with the birth, and happy to take their son home. But now, father Dustin says, they are looking for a good car cleaner.

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