Road repairs in Shreveport may be even further away

Road repairs in Shreveport may be even further away

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Road complaints keep coming in to the City of Shreveport City Council members, but with the current financial advisor battle, some projects are being stalled.

"If you cannot get to them, they don't have customers," says Irma Rogers. Rogers owns a business on Dr. Martin Luther King Drive in Shreveport. She says she has been fighting for several years to get some of the roads around her business repaired.

Last week, she showed city council members pictures of numerous roads in bad shape in the local area.

"Those projects are the ones we are talking about in terms of being held up," says Mayor Cedric Glover.

Mayor Glover tells KSLA News 12 says yes, some street projects are being stalled because of the current financial advisor battle. He says the council also voted against a measure that would fix the worst streets in the city.

The "Fix Shreveport Streets Now" measure would have brought in $6 million a year to repair streets like the ones near Irma Rogers, but Glover says the council voted against it to possibly keep Financial Advisor Calvin Grigsby from being involved in another Financial Decision.

"Wild goose chases and witch hunts whether it is against me or Calvin Grigsby, put those things aside, while you believed or hoped for something other than what is actually the case, allow that to go to the side and now let's get focused," says Mayor Glover.

The Bond Issue of 2011 only covers about $20 million dollars of road repairs.

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