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Shreveport's MLK neighborhood still desperate for street repairs

Hersey D. Wilson Drive Hersey D. Wilson Drive

A Shreveport man says he has thought about moving out of the neighborhood where he has lived for 43 years because the streets are in such dire need of repairs.

Lonnie Hamilton says he shouldn't be forced to move from the MLK area where he lives in the 2700 block of Hersey D. Wilson Drive just because city leaders won't fix the streets.  Hamilton says, "With the streets being in need of repair, that means the value of my house has also gone done but the taxes have not gone down."

Hamilton says ever since the MLK area was annexed into the city, the streets, especially his street have deteriorated to the point that it's like driving on a roller coaster, "I consider this to be one of the worst in the city of Shreveport," says Hamilton.

The money has been approved for street repairs for three years, Hamilton says, but nothing has been done. The street is named after Hersey D. Wilson, who served on the Caddo ParishCommission for some 30 years.

But, Hamilton doesn't think the street's condition reflects Wilson's service to the community.

"I thought about moving but since my house is paid for, why should I have to build another house at my age because the city will not repair the street?" says Hamilton.

Rose McCulloch is the District A Councilwoman.  Ironically, the street is named after her father Hersey D. Wilson.  "It doesn't represent the service that my father, the honorable Hersey D. Wilson served this community," says McCulloch.

Interim Purchasing Director Don Evans tells KSLA News 12 that the bidding process to find a contractor was postponed twice because of errors, but it will resume on March 7.

In 2011, Shreveport voters approved a $175-million bond package. It's the largest bond proposal in the city's history. Three propositions were passed. One allots $920-million for water and sewerage projects. Proposition 3 puts $38-million into SPAR and public safety works. The third puts $44-million into streets and drainage projects.

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