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Who dumped Sharon Leonard's body? Family seeks answers

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The local group "Marshall Against Violence" held a candlelight memorial for Sharon "Birdie" Leonard Friday night. The 52-year-old was found dead last Saturday night just off of Scotts Quarters Road near Loop 390.

Partial autopsy results have been released and they only raise more questions. Leonard's cause of death has not been released, but police say they do not suspect any foul play.

While Marshall police say this isn't a homicide, they are still investigating what happened to Sharon Leonard. Family, along with the police, want to know who dropped her body off on the side of the road.  "Don't put her on the side of the road like she was trash. She's not trash," says Sharon's sister, Darlene Leonard.  Tears fell down the faces of family and friends as they remembered Sharon Friday night.

The question in all of their minds is who was her with before she died? "We still need that last question answered. The worst thing that they did was brought her home, and by home I mean Scotts Quarters. She wasn't here long, they could have placed her anywhere. We could be wondering now where she's at, but they put her where we could find her," Darlene points out.

Sharon's sister and long time friend think it must have been someone she knew. "She don't get in the car with any and everybody, she don't do that." Then, as if speaking directly to whoever may have been with her sister last, Darlene says, "You had enough heart to bring her so close to home, please have enough heart to come to us."

They say knowing exactly what happened to her will help them get the closure they need. "I'm trying to deal with it, you hear me," says long-time friend Larry Morris. "But as long as I know that it wasn't no foul play or nothing, but they still didn't have to put her out on the side of the road out here." 

"My sister is going to let us know what happened to her. I have no doubt about that," says Darlene.

Sharon Leonard's funeral will be Saturday morning at 11. It will be held at the Hayward Stanmore Funeral Home on Alamo and Austin streets in Marshall, Texas.

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