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Seven E. Texas restaurants with serious violations during inspections

(KLTV) - Seven East Texas restaurants were singled out for having the most serious violations during the latest round of health inspections.

In Longview:

China King, located at 440 W. Loop 281
  • Roaches seen crawling on floor and in kitchen area
  • Raw meat was found in a dirty bin
  • Chicken broth and brown sauce were held out of temperature
  • Tea nozzle had mold on it

Total demerits: 26

Ryan's Family Steakhouse, located at 301 E. Loop 281

  • Dirty dishes stored on top of clean dishes
  • Stored foods not properly date marked
  • Fish was held too cold
  • Salad dressings and puddings held too warm
Total demerits: 21

In Tyler:

Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar, located at 7916-A South Broadway Avenue

  • The bar area was infested with gnats and fruit flies
  • Missing dates on meat and expired hot dogs
  • A dish machine was not sanitizing and slime was built up in the ice machine

Total demerits: 26

Taqueria El Lugar III, located at 2121 E. 5th Street

  • Raw beef found stored on top of trash can
  • Grease and food debris found in food prep area
  • Hygienic violations among employees

Total demerits: 16

Whataburger #967, located at 16772 FM 2493 #101

  • Food debris was found on utensils
  • Rust was found on a can opener
  • Tomatoes were held out of temperature

Total demerits: 16

Jersey Mikes, located at 4754 S. Broadway Avenue

  • Foods were not properly date marked in a cooler
  • Food debris was found in prep cooler
  • Toxic items stored near drink lids

Total demerits: 17

Einstein Brother's Bagels, located at 4500 S. Broadway Avenue

  • Employees using old gloves to handle foods
  • Rodent droppings found under countertops
  • Food debris found under equipment

Total demerits: 17

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