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Suspected car thief's hankering for Jack-in-the-Box burgers may lead to his arrest

Billy's missing 1968 Camaro Billy's missing 1968 Camaro
The suspect paying for his Jack-in-the-Box food The suspect paying for his Jack-in-the-Box food

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KFOR/CNN) - A man in Oklahoma City says thieves ransacked his home and got away with two of his vehicles, including a classic Camaro he personally restored with his son-in-law.

It was rebuilt from  top to bottom; a classic blue Chevy Camaro that meant a lot to owner, Billy Hare.

"It has a lot of value, both monetarily and sentimentally," he said.

Billy has a small collection of Camaros from the 1960s, but the missing car he worked on with his son-in-law.

"I started from scratch with it, rebuilt it with all new parts, basically into a new car," he said.

Unfortunately, over the weekend, a thief sneaked into his gated community in Oklahoma City, and stole Billy's 1968 Camaro and his Cadillac Escalade. With the help of OnStar, investigators recovered the Escalade a short time later and found a key piece of evidence.

"We were able to find the receipt in the vehicle and found the suspect had gone through the drive-thru at a fast food restaurant and ordered food, and left the receipt behind in the car," said Sgt. Gary Knight with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Police say the suspect visited the drive-thru of a Jack-in-the-Box restaurant, where surveillance video shows the alleged thief lean out of the window of the stolen Escalade.

The victim thinks more than one person committed the crime, and an employee at the drive-thru window seems to back up that theory.

"She remembered serving him and said there was another individual with him at the time," Billy said.

Billy says the stolen Camaro is worth at least $85,000, and even more than that in memories.

"There are not too many of them; this one was mine and it was certainly special," he said.

Billy says his main goal now is to get his car back and see the suspect caught.

In addition to the stolen vehicles, Billy said nearly a dozen guns were stolen from his home, as well.

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