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Was a Hanover teen shot in self-defense or defense of property?


We're learning new details about the investigation into the shooting death of a Hanover teen. Police found 16-year-old Robert Fox dead in a Richmond neighborhood Tuesday morning.

Investigators say, they know who fired the fatal shots but that person hasn't been arrested.

NBC12 has learned the person who pulled the trigger may have acted in self-defense but the Richmond Commonwealth's Attorney is trying to figure out if that person acted within their legal right.

NBC12 spoke with Robert Fox's mother Thursday night over the phone after she had just made funeral arrangements for her youngest child.

Patricia Fox says her son was a student at The Georgetown School in Hanover and that he was well-loved.

The teenager was found dead in an alley in a Southside neighborhood Tuesday. The person who allegedly shot him doesn't live far from that spot.

Sources say, Fox may have been with friends breaking into cars in that neighborhood but investigators will not confirm what led to the gunfire.

Commonwealth's Attorney Mike Herring is prosecuting the case. He says, police know who fired the fatal shot and have the identity of at least one other person involved in the incident but no one has been arrested.

"The facts themselves are complicated because they involve the use of force either in defense of property or in reasonable apprehension of harm to oneself," said Herring.

The law allows for one but not the other.

"There is no right to self-defense of property," says NBC12 legal analyst Steve Benjamin. "There's only a right to defend yourself or someone else."

Benjamin says, the triggerman's actions would be justified only if that person felt their life was in danger. If Fox was killed because he was breaking into a car, the gunman could be charged with murder.

We asked investigators if the teen was armed but they said, they couldn't answer that just yet.

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