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Slew of Midlothian neighborhood cars ransacked, tires slashed


Chesterfield police are searching for thieves who broke into, and even slashed the tires, of a slew of cars in Midlothian. Neighbors in the 2,100 block of Carbon Hill Drive say they woke up to a sickening site Wednesday morning- flat tires and ransacked cars. Police report seven cars were raided.

"I noticed there was something seriously wrong with the truck," said neighbor John Milstead, when he tried to back up his truck, Wednesday morning. Milstead was en route to driving his children to school.

"I got out, and I noticed there was about a three-inch gash on the side wall (of the tire)," described Milstead, of his slashed back tire. "The truck was just bottomed out on the rim."

The dashboard's radio faceplate was ripped off, and cd's were strewn on the floor.

"That's the sad thing about this. It's not like we're living in an area where you assume your cars aren't safe," commented Milstead.

Across the street, another car's stereo faceplate was stripped. The actual radio was still left intact.

Neighbor Nick Howe had two cars in his driveway ransacked. Thankfully, nothing was taken. Even though the thieves rummaged through multiple cars, they didn't steal from all of them.

"Glove box was open…stuff was just gone through," said Howe.

Roy Badgley's car tire was punctured several times. He scrambled to change the flat that same morning.

"Took (the tire) to my great friends at Allen Tire. They took care of me. And I brought it back, and put it back on," told Badgley of the inconvenience.

Neighbors say police were actively investigating the neighborhood, even taking fingerprints. Anyone who may have seen anything should call Crime Solvers at 804-748-0660.

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