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Small business owners team up to lower crime


A group of small business owners are coming together and fighting back, after they say they're the victims of recent business break-ins and burglaries. "Monitors pulled off the walls, glass broken, just total devastation, ran the truck through the wall to get out of here" Donald Ward, the manager of Keeling Company, says.

Ward says other area businesses have had the same problem and they are now banding together to try and stop it.  "Two other businesses in the area in Shreveport have had the same thing, trucks were stolen, they ran through their property with a truck, same thing they did here, and caused quite a bit of damage to his truck too" Ward says.

It will take about $15,000 to repair Keeling Company's stolen truck. "Our truck was wrecked on the KCS railroad lines" Ward says. That was just 3 miles down the road from the warehouse Ward said it was missing from.  It was found on the railroad tracks at St. Vincent Avenue and West 63rd Street. "If you leave a truck on a train track, that's dangerous to everybody around" Ward says.

To make that danger stop, the businesses in the area are teaming up to stop the crime. "Every time you turn around, someone's getting broken into, and it's made a lot of other small businesses aware of it and we've talked to several small businesses around here. If I'm heading to work, I'll take the extra minute to drive all the way to their shop" Ward says.

They are hoping the neighborhood watch for the businesses will raise awareness and lower break-ins.

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