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KSLA News 12 Editorial: Feb. 27th-Keep Right

Here's a pet peeve of mine. People who drive in the left hand lane on the highway.

If you are in Louisiana and Texas, you are breaking the law. You are blocking the smooth flow of traffic. You are creating dangerous conditions as traffic builds up behind and around you. And you are contributing to road rage all because you won't move over.

The left lane is for passing only. It is also the lane that emergency vehicles use, like ambulances and fire trucks. In Louisiana and Texas, laws state that motorists are not allowed to travel in the left lane of multi-lane highways unless they are passing another vehicle or preparing to turn left. You can get a ticket for driving in the left lane. 

So, be a good driver and move over. 

I'm James Smith.

Viewer comments:

Edwin Christian from Scottsville, Texas writes: "While I agree driving in the left lane is wrong, and we do see way too much of it, the State of Louisiana's maintenance of its highways is very lacking. If you consider I-20 through Bossier City as an example, the right lane is so rough, I can understand why so many drivers use the left lane. Also there are so many exits and entrances in this area, it impedes the smooth flow of traffic on and off the highway. Also the cars trying to merge with the traffic are going so slow it forces the traffic to brake or get involved in an accident. 

In Texas, we have signs stating the left lane is for passing only and Texas DPS enforces it. The roads are much better maintained. The on and off ramps are long enough to allow smooth transition into traffic without hindering the smooth flow of traffic because of not reaching speed. On top of that, the drivers are more courteous of each other, at least in East Texas, and will move over to allow a smooth transition onto the highway.

What everyone needs to practice on our highways is common courtesy. Leave enough time for traffic problems and don't be in such a big hurry. That in itself will make your travel so much more enjoyable."

Victoria Simoneaux writes: "When are the police going to start enforcing this law? Until then, we will have drivers impeding traffic."

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