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Grassroots effort underway to rid 'saddest city' title

'Happy in the SBC' members recently passed out balloon to shoppers at the LA Boardwalk 'Happy in the SBC' members recently passed out balloon to shoppers at the LA Boardwalk


One of the saddest cities in America?

So you're thinking, what kind of nonsense is that, right?

And a local group of ‘do-gooders' is hoping to change that light-hearted label with balloons, flowers and smiles.

"Everybody can do it every day. I think it's a personal responsibility," says Robin Williams, one of four ‘Happy in the SBC' ambassadors who recently met to discuss how to make Shreveport-Bossier a happier place to live.

Sarah Stewart organized the meeting after reading a KSLA news report about a group of Vermont researchers who gauged negativity from Twitter tweets and Facebook posts, and ranked Shreveport as the 4th saddest city in the country.

"If we can demonstrate our happiness and share it, not only do we get happiness as well, but it's contagious," adds Stewart.

During their meeting at Strawn's Eat Shop in Bossier City, ‘Happy in the SBC' members passed out smiley buttons and flowers to locals eating breakfast. One of the locals eating breakfast that morning at Strawn's was Pastor Denny Duron of Community Church, along with his friend Dr. Fred Lowery, the former pastor at First Baptist Church of Bossier City.

"I think it's wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. We need more people passing out smiley faces and flowers in the world," said Duron.

Dr. Lowery quickly added, "Most people want things but they're not willing to do anything to make it happen. So I think it's incredible. I love it."

Click on ‘Happy in the SBC' to learn more about their efforts on their Facebook page.

Days later, they hit the Louisiana Boardwalk in Bossier and passed our big yellow balloons.

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