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BPSB considers changing procedure for firing support staff


The Bossier Parish School Board is considering changing the termination policy for 50 percent of employees in each school in the parish.

State law strictly tells them how to handle dismissal when it comes to teachers, but is unclear about how to fire support employees. Tuesday afternoon, the board's administrative committee discussed the proper procedures for firing these support staff employees.

"Really it's become a pattern, where we would get calls from support people saying: Look I was just called into the principal, was handed a piece of paper and told I had to resign, right then or be terminated," said Red River United Director Jackie Lansdale.

These 1,157 non-certified district employees include secretaries, janitors, cafeteria workers, bus drivers and others, making up 50 percent of each school in the parish.

District Superintendent D.C. Machen asked the board to consider treating support employees the same way non-tenured teachers are fired, by giving them seven days notice to respond.

That would also mean support employees wouldn't be given the chance to have their case heard by the school board. If the board approves policy changes, the superintendent would be the ultimate person in charge of deciding whether that person is fired.

The committee agreed with the changes, but also asked Machen to look into the possibility of adding an extra step to the process and getting human resources involved before the superintendent.

"The process comes back to the superintendent making the final decision, I think that provides consistency across the board," Machen said.

Lansdale said she agrees with the policy, as long as the employee gets a chance to respond to the complaints before they are fired. "Don't start with you get called out here in the blue, sign this and you're out of here buddy.[They need] a thoughtful process that considers all elements," she said.

Bus drivers in the district hired before July 1, 2012, would be exempt from these policy changes.

The committee will consider the policy changes at their next meeting on March 6, with a vote on the matter at their March 20 meeting.

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