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KSLA News 12 Editorial: Feb. 24th-911 Abuse

The 911 emergency system is a life saving invention.

You need help in an emergency, all you have to do is pick up a phone, dial 911 and help will be on the way. But way too many people abuse 911 calling for trivial, non-emergency reasons.

In fact, a special report this week on KSLA News 12 showed that in Shreveport, nearly half of all medical emergency calls are for things that should be handled without an EMS crew.Things like a nose bleed. But when those calls come in, fire trucks and EMS crews are dispatched wasting their time and money. It's much the same throughout the ArkLaTex..

To call 911 for any purpose other than to report an emergency could result in criminal penalties. Each state has different penalties for 911 misuse, but in most cases, abuse can lead to jail time and stiff fines.

So, when should you call 911?

Think in terms of immediacy: Do seconds count? If you see a house on fire, call 911.However, finding your car has been broken into in your driveway, that should be reported on a non-emergency line.

Just use common sense and don't abuse the 911 system.

I'm James Smith.

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