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Caddo Parish school boasts Student, Teacher, and Principal of the Year

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One Caddo Parish elementary school can boast a rare accomplishment. AC Steere is now home to the Student, Teacher and Principal of the Year.

For 5th grader, Tindol Hamm, the award is proof of how hard she has been working: "You have to have a good attitude and you have to listen to what your teacher says."

Principal of the year, Kim Derrick says she doesn't think one school has ever gotten all 3 awards in Caddo Parish.  "We push our kids very very very hard with the implementation of common core, that's changed a lot. Its changed a lot of the way teachers teach," says Derrick.

The Teacher of the Year says that this isn't just an 8 to 3 job. When she isn't walking the halls, she's at home working to make her students better. "That's how you get to know your students, students are more than a number, they're a whole," says Glynis Johnston.

And she's dedicated. Johnston says she spent her summer creating all new units to teach Common Core. "It was about 6 hours every day, I think I took a week off to see my grandbaby, but other than that I spent my entire summer at school."

One of her methods was to transform her classroom into a coffee café. "My theory behind that was when children go to say, Starbucks or a coffee house. They see college, and Caddo Middle Magnet, and high school students studying."

Johnston wants to create an environment where kids will enjoy learning.

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