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BCAC plea for help answered with overwhelming generosity

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The Bossier City Animal Shelter asked for help and the public's fast response was overwhelming after a number of people chose to give the needy animals the gift of comfort by donating dog beds.

Assistant Shelter Superintendent Kay Laborde realized not long ago, they were running short on dog beds. The dogs without them are forced to lay on the floor on towels and blankets. "The concrete floors as you know can become very cold in the winter, very hot in the summer. It's just not right for them to have to lay on the floors," said Laborde. 

The dog beds they do have are becoming a little too worn and torn. "In time as you can see, some of the dog beds we already have they chew on them and they start splitting apart," said Laborde.

When the workers realized they had the need, they put out a plea on social media and within 24 hours had an overwhelming response from the public. "It's heartwarming, it's awesome," said Laborde.

In one day, with just a single Facebook post, more than 40 beds were donated, "We have enough to put in every single dog adoption kennel now," said Laborde.

With the price tag for each bed ranging from 50 to 100 dollars, Laborde says the generosity is incredible. "I mean it's just great! The public really loves animals, it warms your heart," she said.

"Instead of being in a shelter, it kind of gives them a feeling that they've got a spot for themselves," said Laborde.

A little spot the dogs can call home at least for now, while they wait for their forever families. Shelter leaders say they don't need anymore dog beds. But they are always looking for donations for animals in need, click here to see what their needs are.

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