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SFA men's basketball not getting big headed


They're not only one of the best team's in Texas. The SFA men's basketball has become one of the better teams in the country. The jacks have the nations second longest winning streak and are just outside the top 25 rankings.

Tied with top five programs for the nations longest active home and road winning streak, SFA is garnering national attention. Several big time media outlets are both talking and writing about the team from the oldest town in Texas.

"They deserve the attention they are getting and should get it, " head coach Brad Underwood said. "Not just for themselves, but for the university and for East Texas." Shooting guard Thomas Walkup added, "We are not talking about it a ton in the locker room, but I mean we notice it."

One of the reasons they are downplaying all this recognition, is the head man in charge.

"I would say coach Underwood, "forward Jacob Parker said. "Day in and day out in practice he knocks us down a little bit and its definitely good for us and keeps our head on straight."Shooting guard Desmond Haymon added, "We are just trying to stay humble, and the coaching staff lets us know that we haven't done anything yet. "

Racking up 30 straight home wins, and over 20 consecutive overall victories is no easy task, but the Jacks have the perfect recipe.

"We have great leadership by letting the bench know that hey we are good no matter what situation we are in," Haymon says. Parker added, "Everybody wants to see everyone else do well. No one is trying to get theirs."

Winning brings out the best in a team, and its no different for the Jacks. Its all business on the court, but having fun along the way is also a main focus.

"Not only on the court and winning games, but off the court, its awesome to be around the guys and coaching staff, " Walkup says. Parker added, "You've got Nikola Gajic with his Serbian accent saying all sorts of crazy stuff. I mean there is all sorts of breeds and it just makes it a lot of fun."

Despite all the accomplishments up to this point though, the only way this season is a complete enjoyment is if SFA makes the big dance.

"Our goal is to get to the NCCA tournament and if you don't reach your goal, then your season is not a success, " Walkup said.

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