Bat makes Shreveport cheerleaders dance and dodge at half-time

Bat makes Shreveport cheerleaders dance and dodge at half-time

CADDO PARISH, LA (KSLA) - Cheerleaders were dancing and dodging at half-time during the Donnie Bickham basketball game. An unexpected critter joined the cheerleaders, and sent them scattering across the court. It made for an even more memorable half time show than anyone expected. Their cheer captain, Kayte Duhon, describes the invasion: "everybody is like 'there's a bat, there's a bat, there's a bat' just like calm down, it's more scared of you then you are of it."

That is debatable when you look at the reaction of these walnut hill cheerleaders as that bat swoops down on them during their performance. "They're like 'where is it? Where is it?' and don't worry about it! So we went and started doing the cheer" Duhon says. It's hard to see the little bat on camera, but you get a glimpse of it here.

"It just started swooping down and everybody went crazy just running around, I'm just like oh my God" Duhon says. You have to admire her crew's spirit as they continue to cheer through their fear. "I was like everybody, get in your formation, it'll be okay for the two minutes that we dance. It just went circles around us, and they lost it" Duhon says.

Kayte says it was just one bat that broke up her squad's well rehearsed performance. "They were screaming running, throwing their arms up dropping to the floor like ships and sailors" Duhon says. The principal and coaches could be seen on the sidelines swatting lacrosse sticks and sweat shirts in its direction. "I think they were thinking it was like a vampire bat or something, and it was going to bite them and give them rabies.

Bats in Caddo Parish gyms has been a problem recently. Booker T. Washington had to hire an exterminator to get rid of their infestation. In this case, at Donnie Bickham, there was only one bat. The doors to their gym had been left open, so the bat may have just flown inside accidentally.

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