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Governor candidate Greg Abbott stops in Tyler, briefly addresses Nugent controversy


There's controversy surrounding Texas Attorney General and Governor candidate Greg Abbott's decision to campaign with musician Ted Nugent.

Wednesday afternoon, Senator Wendy Davis' campaign issued a statement reminding voters of Nugent's past comments in which he called women "fat pigs" and other inflammatory names.

However, Wednesday morning Abbott was all smiles back in East Texas--- a place he calls home.

"We are fighting for freedom itself. The freedom I'm fighting for is something that was instilled in me, in part, right here in the piney woods of East Texas where I grew up in Longview," said Abbott.

Abbott received a warm welcome, but the topic of campaigning with Ted Nugent was unavoidable. Abbott says campaigning with Nugent was nothing more than a way to highlight Wendy Davis' stance on the second amendment.

"Ted Nugent was a way to expose Wendy Davis for her flip-flopping on gun-related issues," said Abbott.

Other questions about Nugent were ignored.
Abbott stayed focused on his message: promising to make education the state's top priority.

"As governor, I will drive a stake through the heart of CSCOPE," said Abbott.

He also spoke of his support for the Texas voter ID law which requires voters to show photo ID before voting.

"Voter fraud is real in the State of Texas and it must be stopped," he said.

Abbott also said, if he is elected, his wife would be the first Latina first lady of Texas in state history.

He says not just that--- but his focus on education and job creation could draw more Latino voters to the polls.

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