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Buddy the dog returns home after a night stuck in a hole


An East Texas hound is now doing much better after spending at least an entire day stuck in a hole in the woods.

On Sunday, we introduced a brown hound that we now know is named Buddy. Sunday morning, some Lindale residents heard a strange noise coming from the woods behind their home. When they went to investigate, they found the dog stuck in a hole in the ground.

By Tuesday, Buddy, the neighborhood hound, was lazily soaking up the sun. You would never know by looking at him that he spent his weekend stuck in the woods.

Larry Nance says his wife had heard a strange noise behind their home, but they never expected it was a dog's cry for help.

"Literally the dog's head was the only thing hanging out of the ground at the time," says Nance.

The hole is covered now, but Larry says he and a neighbor spent nearly an hour digging Buddy out. They didn't know where he'd come from or if he belonged to anyone.

"We were afraid the dog might bite us so we both had big gloves on, but the dog was patient. He was calm. He knew we were there to help," recalls Nance.

When they finally pulled him out, Buddy was weak.

"His back legs and his back had lost all circulation. He wasn't able to walk. He wasn't able to stand up at the time," says Nance.

Buddy's rescuers put him in a wheelbarrow and brought him back to the house. After some water, rest and dog food, he made his way back home.

While Buddy wasn't in much of a traveling mood on Tuesday morning, he was excited to see the familiar face of one of his rescuers.

It turns out, neighbor Gene Smith has been caring for buddy for about 7 years. Gene doesn't know where Buddy came from either-- just that he decided to make Gene's yard his home.

"I thought he'd been run over so I gave him some water and he just stayed here. The grandkids named him Buddy," explains Gene.

Buddy may have a tendency to get into trouble, but despite that, Gene says Buddy always finds a way to make it home. Buddy's rescuers don't know how Buddy got stuck in the hole in the first place. They think he might have been chasing a small animal because they noticed some smaller holes inside the bigger hole that Buddy got stuck in.

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