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East Texans in Sochi: Russian government not releasing our Bibles


A group of East Texans who are in Sochi, Russia, doing missionary work say customs officials confiscated their 30,000 Bibles last month and will not return them now that they are there. Jimmy says he believes they were not given their Bibles due to a trademark issue. It may seem like a setback, but they're not letting this stop them from spreading the Gospel.

The group from Longview Missionary Baptist Church says instead of putting the Word in people's hands, they are handing out hundreds of lapel pins. So far, they say they have not had any problems with security.

"Security has been good," Jimmy Jones said. "We haven't had any problems, or any nervous times, or anything like that. It's been great. Security is around all over the place but they have not been intrusive or hindering anything that we're trying to do."

Associate Pastor Jimmy Jones says they were able to find another way to spread the word through these pins that represent different Christian values.

"When we hand them our pins and stuff, they just act like we gave them the greatest gift they've ever gotten," Jones said.
The East Texans say they've also received a pleasant gift. They had heard some complaints about hotel rooms en route to Russia, but once they landed, they were relieved.

"It's probably not like a lot of American hotels in that sense, but you know, all the stories about the yellow water ... that has not been a problem here," Jones said.

This is the fourth Olympic games Jimmy has been to, but a first for his wife Donna,  who says she met some Americans who are competing in the games.

"We were at the Olympic store, and lo and behold, we saw two of the U.S. hockey players," Jones said. "She got to meet them and got their autograph and stuff."

Despite not being able to spread the Word with their Bibles, the group has enjoyed the overall experience of the 2014 games.

Thursday will be the group's last day in Sochi, and they will return home to East Texas this weekend.

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