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Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott making stop in East Texas Wednesday

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott will be back in East Texas Wednesday as part of his “Get Out the Vote” tour.

Wednesday’s stop follows two in the Dallas area on Tuesday, where he was joined by GOP rocker Ted Nugent.

But that relationship with Nugent is causing some controversy among opponents.

They cite a history of controversial comments made by Ted Nugent, both years ago and in the last month, now dug up and brought into the spotlight.

That’s because Abbott touted the support of Nugent yesterday, in an effort to help rally republican support around the state.

Nugent has long been a vocal opponent to politicians he calls “liberal democrats,” specifically calling out President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton among others.

But it’s his most recent comments about the President made in an interview with in January that has many Democrats up in arms.

In an interview posted online, Nugent discussed the ability of the President, which he referred to as a, “communist raised, communist educated, communist nurtured sub-human mongrel like the acorn community organizer gangster Barack Hussein Obama to weasel his way into the top office of authority in the United States of America."

Following Abbott’s campaign stops on Tuesday, State Senator and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis issued a statement saying, “Greg Abbott’s embrace of Ted Nugent is an insult to every Texan…[and] repulsive.”

Abbott told media on Tuesday that he could not comment on the matter, as he had not heard of the comments himself.

However, it’s an issue that could be addressed at his event in Tyler Wednesday morning.

Abbott is largely considered to be the favorite in the Republican primary, as well as in the general election in November. He is expected to touch on issues he has already been campaigning on for months, including what he calls the defense of the Constitution and the Second Amendment. Other issues he has taken up recently also include education reform, school safety and human trafficking.

In an interview with KLTV in July, Abbott dismissed the notion of Democratic candidate Wendy Davis as having a chance of winning the general election, predicting the GOP would handily win the 2014 election.

“People in Texas, they believe in individual liberty, not this big government stuff,” Abbott said. “I think Texas is going to remain in the strong conservative hands for a long time.”

That event begins at the Loggins restaurant in Tyler at 11 A.M.

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