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Texas' March 4 Party Primary Election: What's on the Ballot

Texas has four major election dates in 2014: March 4, May 10, May 27 & November 4.

March 4th is a Party Primary Election. Only members of the Republican or Democratic Parties will vote on this day. Candidates from other parties and independents will appear on the November 4th General Election ballot. This day will be for all registered voters.

The ballot includes all federal and top state offices, including all Congressional Representatives and one Congressional Senate seat, several statewide judicial and district attorney seats, House and Senate Lawmakers, and most countywide offices.

Each party ballot includes a series of questions. These are not legislative referendums meant to change any laws. Instead, the questions simply ask your opinion on which political direction your party should go.

In each of the counties listed below, you'll see the republican and democratic candidates who qualified for each race.

***A single name in either column means that person wins his/her party's nomination and will automatically be on the ballot in November.

***Races with the word 'none' means no one in that particular party qualified for the race.

***In races with a single name in one column and ‘none' in the other column, that person will automatically win the seat and will not appear on the November ballot UNLESS someone from another party or an independent qualifies for that seat in the November race.

The runoff election is May 27.


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