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GA fugitive still on the run, last spotted in Henderson County


A Georgia fugitive, who made his way to East Texas, is still on the run. U.S. Marshals say Chad Dasher was in East Texas over the weekend. Around 5 p.m. Monday, Marshals said there had been no new indications of his whereabouts and he could be anywhere.
Chad Dasher and Raymond Smith both escaped from a county jail in Georgia more than three weeks ago. Smith was arrested in Corsicana over the weekend, but Chad Dasher is the man still on the run. Authorities say he was in Henderson County as late as Sunday morning.

Henderson County Sheriff Ray Nutt says it's likely that Chad Dasher is long gone. There hasn't been any sign of him since about 2 a.m. Sunday. That's when authorities believe he stole a Chevy Suburban from a Henderson County home.

Monday, authorities continued to keep a lookout for that stolen vehicle, but Sheriff Nutt doesn't think Dasher is still in the area. History shows that Dasher is no rookie when it comes to evading the police. In 2012, he was arrested after a string of burglaries. Back then, Dasher ran from Georgia authorities for more than a week before he was finally arrested. This time, authorities say Dasher and Raymond Smith escaped through the roof of the jail on January 24th. Jail staff did not notice they were gone for five and a half hours. After Dasher's arrest in 2012, he showed remorse, but that clearly did not stop him from running again.

"I'm sorry. Sorry for putting the community through all of this.... sorry for my family," Dasher said after a bond hearing in November of 2012.
Georgia authorities say they do not know if Dasher is armed. However, he does have a history of committing burglary of firearms and vehicles. Henderson county authorities say the vehicle Dasher is accused of stealing is a 1999 silver Chevy Suburban with license plate #94XJS5.

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