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Man rescued by fire fighters from burning home

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It only took fire fighters 2 minutes to get to a flaming Shreveport house Friday night. They found the one story wood frame home covered in flames and smoke coming from the entire front of the home.  They say they knew the home was occupied. It happened in the 2000 block of Looney Street just after 2 o'clock Friday morning.

A neighbor, Calvin Bryant, describes the scene: "a towering inferno, I came outside, I could hear my dog barking, I was wondering what was going on. I look out my door and I could see from the vision on the vehicles you could tell there was lights, it was on fire. I look out, and I immediately start to run out because I know a friend of mine lives here in this house and I'm just calling out his name and I'm calling dispatch at the same time, telling here there's like a 9 alarm fire here at Elder and Looney Street."

Fire fighters immediately began searching the home on Looney Street, after neighbors told them there could be people inside. Bryant says he told responders: "y'all need to get here because I think someone might be in the house."

Fire crews went in through the back of the burning home and found a man lying on the floor by the back door. "I could see it coming from the back. By the time I got here it was like I say, out of control" Bryant says.

Neighbors gathered around the house as fire fighters worked to pull the man away from the flames and out to safety. "Terrible thing to see but I hope he turns out okay" Bryant says. The man was taken to University Health for smoke inhalation and is expected to be alright. "I'm glad he's okay to my knowledge, I don't know how he's doing in the hospital but I hope he turns out to be okay" Bryant says.

Once the man was brought to safety, fire crews were able to get the flames out in just 20 minutes.

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