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Mount Pleasant couple gets married at nursing home


Three years ago, an East Texas man lost his memory after a traumatic brain injury. He now lives at a nursing home in Mount Pleasant where he met a woman who was conquering her own battle against multiple sclerosis.

James and Amy met last June at the Greenhill Villas of Mount Pleasant Nursing and Rehab Center. The two became inseparable for the next eight months, and today they turned their nursing home into a wedding chapel, getting married not only where they live, but where it all started.

"I'm 39-years-old, but I've been looking all my life for somebody that loves me as much as I love her," James Wright said.

James says he became a resident here after overcoming a traumatic brain injury.

"I've been pronounced dead seven times," James said. "I've been on life support twice and have come back every time, and now I know why."

His happiness is all because of Mrs. Wright. His newlywed wife was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis last March.

"It left me with the incapability to walk. It took a long time for me to accept my disease and my disability," Amy Wright said.

With James by her side, it seems true love has no boundaries.

"He sees me for me; not my disability but for me. That made me fall in love with him," Amy said.

This is the first wedding Greenhill Villas has hosted and each staff member did all they could to make it perfect.

"It means the world to be able to get married here," Amy said.

"Today is the happiest day of my life," James said. "It feels a little bit better than perfect."

Mr. and Mrs. Wright say next week they are moving out of the nursing home and will live as a family in their house in Omaha, Texas.

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