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East Texans' generosity seen through crowd funding trend

Three-year-old Jaycee Davis was diagnosed with Leukemia last August. Three-year-old Jaycee Davis was diagnosed with Leukemia last August.
TYLER, TX (KLTV) - East Texas native and former KLTV 7 employee, Joe French, is still recovering in a Dallas hospital. French was shot in Honduras just days before Christmas. Now, he is doing much better. His Facebook support page shows him holding a thank you note he wrote to the hundreds of people who donated money to help bring him back to the United States for medical care.

French's friends and family were able to raise that money through popular crowd funding websites like to GoFundMe. He is just one of hundreds of East Texans who have been helped generous online donations.

Three-year-old Jaycee Davis was diagnosed with Leukemia last August. Medically, some days are better than others. She's on medication and undergoing Chemo. The journey hasn't been cheap, but Jaycee's parents have found some financial relief through GoFundMe donations from friends, family... even strangers.

"I couldn't believe the people that reached out to us and helped us. I mean... It was amazing," says Jaycee's mother, Tessa.

Noreen Nartia used the site to raise money to pay for medical expenses when her niece, Baby Indigo was born two months premature.

"Baby Indigo is doing fabulous now. When she was born, she was just over 2 pounds. She's almost 9 pounds now," explains Noreen.

Noreen says Baby Indigo's family even donated some of their money to another GoFundMe account--- East Texan Joe French who was shot in Honduras days before Christmas.

"Everybody on your Facebook sees it. They can share it. Then, friends of friends will donate money," says Noreen.

There are pages of different causes all throughout East Texas. Most accounts are for medical expenses, but there are a wide variety of needs. One family is raising money after their home burned down, a dog owner is trying to pay for a pet's surgery, and a local roller derby team looking to buy new uniforms.

"We've had GoFundMe for just about a month now, and our goal was $2,000. We've already raised $1,100," explains Lindsey Manley of East Texas Bombers Roller Derby Team.

All of the donations are made quickly and easily--- no matter the need.

For the Davis family, the funds haven't just restored their dwindling bank account but also their faith in humanity.

"It definitely was a big blessing. I don't know what we would have done without it," says Tessa Davis.

While these fundraising sites are popular and easy, they're still no bank. The Better Business Bureau has some tips to make sure you're donating safely. They suggest:
  • Only donate to people or causes that you know or trust
  • Read the fine print (some sites, including GoFundMe, keep 5-7 percent of the money raised)
  • Read the privacy policy (make sure your personal information is protected
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