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Bullard-area woman taken for $1,480 in phone scam

From the Smith County Sheriff's Department:

TYLER, TX – This morning, the Smith County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigation Division received a call from a woman in the Bullard area who had lost $1,480 to an individual who claimed he was a law enforcement agent and that her grandson needed bail money.

When the woman first took the call, a man pretended to be her grandson and told her that he was in jail in a foreign country. The subject then passed the phone to another man who claimed to be with law enforcement and said that she had to send $1,480 in a MoneyGram to pay her grandson’s way out of jail.

The woman did as she was instructed, but then reported the incident to the Smith County Sheriff's Office who informed her that she had been scammed.

The public is urged to be suspicious and use caution when responding to any type of phone call where someone is asking for money. Use whatever means possible to question and verify the veracity of the call and take note of as much information as possible, including names, description of voice(s), background noise on the call and phone number(s).

Please report any suspicious phone activity to your local law enforcement agency as soon as possible.

If anyone receives a similar call in Smith County, please contact the Smith County Sheriff's Office immediately at 903-566-6600.

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