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Another accident strengthens outcry for N.O. school bus changes

NEW ORLEANS, LA (WVUE) - Just one day after a Gentilly 6-year-old was killed in a hit-and-run crash on the way to his bus stop, a father says his 10-year-old's teeth were knocked out by the mirror of a passing car after he exited his school bus.

Victims' families are demanding changes to the school transportation system.

Desean Denis's father said just after Desean's bus dropped him off on the corner of Huntlee Drive and Berkley Drive in Algiers, a car slammed into him as he tried to cross the street.

"He gets hit with the rearview mirror on his cheek," said Torri Denis. "The impact dropped him to the ground. He crawled to the sidewalk, where he stayed on the grass. He had two missing teeth. One was actually cracked and they had to pull it out. He had a laceration to his tongue, which almost split his tongue."

Denis said the crash happened just one day after 6-year-old Shaud Wilson was killed while trying to catch his bus.

"Nobody understands what I'm going through right now," said Heather Goeloe, Shaud's mother. "So whatever needs to be done, it would make me happy to get it done."

On Wednesday, Goeloe addressed educators and members of New Orleans City Council who gathered to discuss safety-oriented changes to New Orleans school transportation. Councilwoman LaToya Cantrell says they're now considering legislation.

"That any yellow school bus providing transportation to public school kids are mandated to have not only video and audio recording, but also a bus monitor that will serve as that crossing guard as needed," Cantrell said. "So we're taking this very seriously."

"I wish this could have been started sooner," said Lloyd Goeloe, Shaud's grandfather.

According to FOX 8's partners at The Lens, children wait for school buses along some of New Orleans' busiest thoroughfares.

One example is on General Meyer Avenue, which is a four-lane road with no neutral ground.

On Wednesday, FOX 8 watched a bus wait with its "Stop" signs flashing for a student to cross the street before it took off. It was a safety precaution that Terri Denis says his son's bus didn't take.

"School bus pulls off. He walks across the street, and he gets hit by the car which was coming behind the school bus," Denis said.

According to The Lens, both Desean and Shaud's busses are owned by Hammond's Transportation, the city's largest school bus contractor. It's one of many groups the city and victims' families are calling on to make changes in order to protect students in New Orleans.

"I just want something to be done, because I never want anybody to feel how I feel ever again," said Heather Goeloe. "I don't want anybody to lose a child how I lost mine. So whatever needs to be done, just get it done."

"My hope for the future is to ensure the safety of our children," said Denis. "That's more important than anything else to this world to any parent, obviously. I want to share with all the other parents that we're definitely here with them in the fight to make sure our kids are safe."

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