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Wild night at Grambling St.


Everyone knows fire fighters and police officers have a tough job to protect and serve but what would cause them to horseplay with college students while on the job?  That's exactly what some Grambling State students say happened Tuesday night on campus after at least a dozen fire alarms were pulled.

KSLA obtained cell phone videos from someone who identifies as a student of the school.  The video shows fire fighters spraying water from their fire trucks as well as firefighters spraying water from fire hoses.  The video also shows the flashing lights on the trucks and alarms from the trucks can also be heard.

"So everyone was throwing snow balls at the firemen and then they said we have something for you all too, you know we can play back. So they went and got up on their fire trucks," says senior Morgan Butler who also says she participated in the snow ball fight.

Another student says "We were all out there we had fun."

It all started Tuesday night when school officials say several students pulled around a dozen fire alarms on campus.  The students we spoke to say it was to get everyone out of their rooms, in the Freshman Village, for a big snow ball fight.

When firefighters and police responded, the students say several officers and firefighter joined in.

Keisha Ricketts, who also participated in the snow ball fight, says, "It makes them more personable that they joined with the students, you know, have a little fun but at the same time we know they handle their business and do their job."

Senior Starlean Brandon disagrees, "I think they were trying to get the students back inside. I don't believe they were playing. I hope they weren't playing," she says.

KSLA News 12 went to the Grambling Fire Department to get some answers, but was told Fire Chief David Wells was unavailable. Neither the fire department nor University Police would address the allegations which involved their employees engaging in the snow ball fight.

However, Lt. Ruby Jones with the University Police Department, did say, "We are in the process.  We're actively pursuing the persons responsible for pulling these fire alarms with there being no emergency."

The university also released a statement regarding the pulled fire alarms but it didn't address the allegations either.  Brandon says, "I was horrified. I felt like we were gone back to slavery days when I saw the fire fighter spraying the kids down even though the firefighters were black and the kids were black."

While Ricketts believes otherwise, "None of the students got wet.  We could never experience what our ancestors went through. It can't compare. So I don't think the students should try to compare, I don't think the students should try to put it in comparison."

University Police say anyone caught pulling a fire alarm, when there isn't an actual emergency, could face jail time or a fine.  We also contacted the state fire marshal's office to find out if the firefighters could face any discipline, but as of Tuesday evening our calls had not been returned.  Stay tuned for updates as this story continues to develop.

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