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Gourmet burrito chain Chipotle opens its doors in Shreveport

A crowd waits outside Chipotle in the icy weather A crowd waits outside Chipotle in the icy weather

Chipotle, a gourmet burrito chain, opened its doors to their first North Louisiana location in Shreveport on Wednesday. 

"Right along with complaints about streets and potholes, one of the most common questions I get as the Mayor of Shreveport is when are we getting a Whole Foods Grocery Store and when are we getting a Chipotle?" said Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover, but he won't have to be asked that question anymore, at least about Chipotle.  

Despite the icy weather, burrito fans lined up in the icy weather to get their burritos at the grand opening event. "I love Chipotle just for the smell and aroma, being in here right now is making me severely hungry," said Andrew Browning, a Chipotle fan and transplant from South Georgia. He stood in line with a little more than a dozen people who were either curious about the chain, or burrito fanatics.

"There are more Chipotles than McDonalds in Ohio. It's crazy, it's big up north and I can't wait till it gets big down south," said Nick Grant, a Shreveport transplant from Ohio. 

The crowd cheered as general manager Scott Mcanear opened the doors, with Mayor Glover by his side, taking pictures of the people rushing in. Mayor Glover had the honors of being first in line. 

"It's taken a while, but with the great team effort from a lot of folks on a lot of different levels, we helped to make it happen, we're proud to be here today," Mayor Glover told KSLA News 12. "Without question, it's even more special because of the unique connection, between Shreveport, Chipotle, and Moonbot Studios," he said.

Shreveport-based Moonbot Studios created an award winning film and arcade style smart phone game called "Scarecrow" for Chipotle. A replica of the scarecrow character sits on display in the Shreveport restaurant. 

Another chain in high demand, Whole Foods, which is an organic grocery store, is expected to open its first Shreveport store in 2015.

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