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Power outages dwindling in the Ark-La-Tex

SWEPO worker prepares to clear debris from power line SWEPO worker prepares to clear debris from power line

The winter weather left thousands without power throughout the Ark--La-Tex. Some could remain without power during these cold temps until midnight Thursday.

Southwestern Electric Power Company assures us they're working hard to get those customers back on line as soon as possible. Scott McCloud with SWEPCO says one thousand resources are responding to neighborhoods all over the Ark-La-Tex.

With the warmer temperatures SWEPCO and independent contractors were able to clear debris from those lines and repair the damage that was caused by last night's freezing rain sleet and snow – the extra weight has caused a lot of trees and heavy limbs to crash down onto power lines.

SWEPCO Facebook page states that considering how much was frozen over such a vast area, the company expected more outages than were reported.

Restoration is still expected to be difficult and time-consuming. McCloud says as the outage numbers decrease, the time it takes to restore power typically increases. Outages of large quantities can be restored in large blocks.

As of 5pm on Wednesday the SWEPCO website reported that there were 3,205 outages, as opposed to the 47,000 reported at the height of those outages.

We'll continue to monitor their progress and bring you updates.

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