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Court upholds guilty verdict for woman accused of shooting husband, burning body

Sharon Anne Maxwell (Source: Upshur County Jail) Sharon Anne Maxwell (Source: Upshur County Jail)
Inside the truck where Gordon Maxwell's body was found Inside the truck where Gordon Maxwell's body was found
UPSHUR COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - On Wednesday, an Upshur County court ruled to uphold a guilty verdict handed down in a 2011 murder case.

Sharon Anne Maxwell, 46, of Ore City was found guilty by a grand jury and sentenced to life in prison in September 2012 for the murder of her husband, 46-year-old Gordon Maxwell.

Sharon Maxwell appealed her conviction citing that evidence in her case was insufficient. In paperwork filed Wednesday by the Sixth Appellate District of Texas in Texarkana, the state says that the trial court's judgement was upheld because sufficient evidence supports her conviction.

On August 30, 2011, Sharon Maxwell placed a frantic 911 call from her home on Highway 155, telling the dispatcher that she could not locate her husband and that his truck was "on fire in the backyard". She also told the dispatcher that bullets were exploding inside the truck. When her husband's brother, Christopher Maxwell, and a volunteer firefighter arrived on scene, he noticed smoke coming from behind the home.

The fire department soon arrived and extinguished the truck. Upshur County Investigator Mark Moore testified that a body, burned beyond recognition, was "located on the floorboard" in the front of the truck along with "numerous shell casings." Samples taken from the truck's floorboard confirmed that gasoline was used as an accelerant in the fire.

Sharon Maxwell initially refused to give authorities consent to search her home, despite her family's encouragement to do so. The Upshur County Sheriff's Department obtained a search warrant for the home, while she was taken to the sheriff's office to give a statement. Blood stains and blood spatter were found on the headboard of the bed in the master bedroom. Blood was also found on the ceiling of the room.

During her first interview with authorities, Sharon Maxwell said that she was in the shower when she heard gunshots. She said she then ran outside to find her husband's truck on fire. After learning that investigators had located blood at the scene, she soon changed her story. She testified that she and Gordon Maxwell were arguing, and that a gun went off. She then admitted to dragging his body out of the house using a blanket, putting his body in the truck, "poured gasoline in the engine compartment and inside the cab of the truck" on the body, and "set the truck on fire."

An autopsy revealed Gordon Maxwell was shot four times, including once in the head.

Sharon Maxwell must now serve the remainder of her life sentence in prison. She is not eligible for parole.

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