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Spread the love to a patient at Texas Children's Hospital this Valentine's Day

(Source: Texas Children's Hospital) (Source: Texas Children's Hospital)
(KLTV) - As children, the highlight of our February social season was exchanging those tiny cardboard Valentine's Day cards with our classmates. What cartoon character should I get on my cards? Will that boy/girl I like two desks in front of me get me a gift this year? These are typically the biggest questions on a child's mind during this holiday of love.

For some kids, Valentine's Day will be a holiday spent in the hospital. Sure it's no Christmas or Thanksgiving, but to a child, it is special nonetheless.

This year, the staff at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston is making it possible for their patients to receive Valentine's Day cards from anyone who is willing to take the time to send one online. Via the Texas Children's Hospital website, you can select a card designed by one of the kids and personalize it with a special message for them. You can write a personal message or select one of the fun notes already provided on the form.

To send a Valentine's Day card, simply visit the hospital's website here and follow the instructions on the page. Help spread the love to a sick child this year!

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