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When the best laid weather preps just don't work


We all know what precautions homeowners need to take before freezing temperatures arrive, but in case you've forgotten:

  • Wrap your pipes with towels
  • Use foam faucet protectors
  • Open cabinet doors so undersink pipes will be surrounded with warmer air
  • Let your faucets drip overnight
  • Keep the heat on in your home

However, sometimes even after doing all of that, frozen pipes are inevitable, and the mess frozen pipes leave behind can cause a serious headache.

Soaking wet carpets and water spewing out of burst pipes are some telltale signs that the plumbing in your home was damaged by freezing temperatures. You'll know it quickly, and clean-up experts say it's important that you act quickly, too.

"Act quickly. Don't ignore it. You've got to deal with the situation," explains Lee Browning of Servpro Tyler.

Browning says you can even better prepare yourself for a burst pipe mishap by knowing your home inside and out.

"They want to make sure, even before it happens, that they can get to their water, but also that they know how to get their water to cut off," says Browning.

What you don't want to do is:

  • Leave wet fabrics in place
  • Leave colored items that might bleed on wet carpets or floors
  • Use TVs and other household appliances while standing on wet carpets or floors

Once you've stopped the water's flow and removed electrical hazards, call a plumber and your insurance agent.

"The insurance company, if it's a claim, is going to expect you to remediate and take care of your property-- which is what you want to do anyway," explains Browning.

Keep in mind that even when you've wrapped your pipes, covered your faucets and let some water drip --just like you're supposed to-- Mother Nature can have other plans.

"Sometimes you're still going to have a problem.The best laid plans ... sometimes they just don't work out," he says.

Clean up experts say the best thing you can do is just take all of the normal precautions before a freeze. They also recommend inspecting the pluming in your house early, and if it isn't working exactly like it's supposed to, don't waste time finding out what the problem is.

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