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Fateful Friends

Stuti Jawahar and Amber Lacy's friendship has grown even more after both of their accidents Stuti Jawahar and Amber Lacy's friendship has grown even more after both of their accidents
Amber Lacy before the accident Amber Lacy before the accident
Stuti Jawahar before her accident Stuti Jawahar before her accident
Amber Lacy at LSU Health Shreveport Amber Lacy at LSU Health Shreveport
Amber Lacy was a passenger behind the driver in this Honda Amber Lacy was a passenger behind the driver in this Honda

What are the chances two Byrd High School students who are best friends, would suffer the same fate?  Both accidents nearly cost them their lives, but the power of prayer has lead to a reunion and closer friendship.

Amber Lacy's life seemed picture perfect.  Last May she had just graduated from high school and she was ready for college life at LSU Baton Rouge.  A couple of days after graduation, Amber was fighting for her life after an accident on Clyde Fant Parkway in Shreveport.

Amber was one of five people in a car when a truck smashed into the side of the Honda.  Amber was sitting behind the driver and took most of the hit.  Her mother, Lashona Broussard remembers getting the call.  Broussard says all she remembers from the conversation were the words, "car accident, stretcher, Amber".

Amber had to be cut out of the car.  By the time her mother reached LSU Health Shreveport from her job 30 minutes away, the ambulance still had not reached the hospital.  Broussard says EMTs thought they lost her daughter.  According to Amber's mom, Amber was barely hanging on with a severe head injury and a collapsed lung.

One of the first people to visit Amber in ICU was Ajay Jawahar.  If his name sounds familiar, it's because KSLA News 12 has done a number of stories on his daughter Stuti, who nearly lost her life in a car accident a year ago on Highway 3132.  Jawahar says, when he looked at Amber, his heart broke all over again.  He says there were flashbacks of when his daughter was fighting for her life on the same floor at the same hospital.  Jawahar, says it took all of his bodily and mental strength to be able to take the same journey again.  In fact he says he almost passed out when he stepped off the elevator. 

Amber's mom remembers when Stuti's dad and mom walked into her daughter's room.  She says she didn't know the two at the time, but she says they came to her and she remembers them saying they know exactly what she is going through.

Jawahar says he went into the room and hugged Amber's mom and told her to please believe. 

Faith would overcome this tragedy, just like it did with Jawahar's daughter, Stuti.  After two weeks at LSU Health Shreveport, Stuti was moved to Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas for extensive therapy.

Eight months after the accident, Amber is a student at LSU-Shreveport. She still struggles to remember certain things before the accident.  Amber told KSLA News 12's Domonique Benn, that when she first woke up she didn't recognize her friends that had come to visit in the hospital.  However, she is reminded by a video of one particular friendship.

Cell phone video reveals Stuti and Amber were the best of friends before their accidents.  The video shows the two in their ninth grade year at Byrd High School laughing with each other and having fun.  Now, a year later the two are still good friends.  Amber recently visited Stuti at a therapy session at Learning RX in Shreveport.  They picked up right where they left off. 

Both families say faith and the power of prayer is what helped them get through these tragedies.  Stuti's mom gave Amber's  mom a wooden cross that she said she would hold onto when she prayed for Stuti.  It's the same cross, that LaShona Broussard would count on to help her through her darkest days.  The cross is a symbol that both families never gave up hope. 

Both Stuti and Amber are doing well in their first year old college.  Amber hopes to transfer to LSU Baton Rouge in the fall.

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