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Accusation of bullying incident leads to charge of simple battery

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An accusation of bullying in an Ark-La-Tex high school has sent one freshman to the emergency room and has another charged with simple battery. It happened at Ebarb High School in Ebarb, Louisiana.  That's in Sabine parish. Now school officials are investigating the incident, along with the Sabine Parish Sheriff's Office.

The parents say they spoke with school officials before going to the authorities because they were afraid for their daughter's safety in the classroom. The Sabine Parish Sheriff's Office says a 15-year-old girl has been charged with simple battery.

A report from the hospital shows that the student had to get a cat scan and was treated for a concussion and contusions on her head. "It's like three or four of them together, the same girl jumped on our daughter in the bathroom and was beating her head against a wall, I mean she got concussions out of it," according to Clark Sepulvado.

The Sepulvado's gave KSLA News 12 a copy of the report their daughter wrote up for the principal of Ebarb High School, it says, "As soon as I step into the hallway she shoves me down and I look up and said ‘what are you doing?' she just jerks me up by my hair slinging me around."

"Three of them cornered her in the bathroom, one physically attacked her" says Misty Sepulvado. "It was hard to let her go to school this morning."

They say this has happened before. In their daughter's report, she says the accused girls consistently bump into her, even knocking her to the ground, saying, "It'll happen whenever we meet somewhere." The Sepulvados say they went through the proper channels to put the alleged bullying to rest. "We went to the principal first, from the principal we called our school board members, we went to the school board. After the school board, we went to the sheriff's office, and then they said to take our daughter to the hospital to get a medical formal exam. We went back to the sheriff's office and then they filed the charges."

That report prompted the sheriff's office investigation and resulted in the simple battery charge. "She had multiple bumps on her head and one of them was - a little bit - broke the skin," says Misty.

"It's all uncalled for, we send our kids to school to learn, we don't send them there to protect themselves from other people trying to get on them. It's not right," Clark says.

School officials say action has been taken, but would not elaborate. The girl who was charged in the incident is waiting on a court date.  All Louisiana school districts have a bullying policy in place. If your child says they are being bullied at school, make sure to report it immediately to school administrators.

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