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Rare identical ArkLaTex triplets head home

Averin, Amir, and A’Dez waiting to go home Averin, Amir, and A’Dez waiting to go home

A rare set of identical triplets born in Shreveport last month heading home from the hospital Thursday.

The 3 identical and naturally conceived triplets were born last month at Willis Knighton South in Shreveport.  On Thursday, the Bienville family prepared to take their big bundle of joy home.

"I've just been waiting on the moment to take them home," says Derrick Harris, the triplet's father.

Averin, Amir, and A'Dez are being called a medical miracle. According to doctors at Willis Knighton, the odds of having identical triplets are one in several million. "My great grandfather was a twin and I have sets of cousins who have twins" Auset Champion, the triplet's mother, says, and their dad adds: "I have lots of cousin twins."

And as they got read to take the 3-week-old boys home, they are mindful of the abundance that came without assistance from fertility treatment. "Just think it's a huge blessing that most people can't get blessed with, most people want kids and can't have them and we have three," Champion says.  "Every time I see them, I can't do nothing but smile," says Harris.

They say they can already tell who is who is who, "by the way they act," according to Harris. They plan on getting color-coded bracelets, however, just to be sure.

The new parents say they are ready to hold triplet's hands through anything life throws at them. "I know basically, I want to go ahead and finish college and get a better job and raise them better than we were raised," says their mother. Harris adds that he wants to "just make sure they have whatever they want and whatever they need."

They say they have a packed house waiting for them. "It's 3 packing pads, 3 bouncy chairs, 3 more car seats that's bigger than these for when they get older...Its three of everything, everything."

Averin, Amir, and A'Dez were delivered by cesarean section 3 weeks ago. The babies were transferred to the hospital's neonatal intensive care unit after their birth, and are now strong enough to be released. Averin Lament weighed in at 3 lb. 12 oz. Amir Jaquez, 3 lb. 9 oz, and A'Dez Lavonte 3 lb. 8 oz.

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