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Bar's Super Bowl joke prompts social media firestorm

The marquee outside the Blind Tiger Bar & Grill shortly after the Super Bowl. (FOX5 Report It) The marquee outside the Blind Tiger Bar & Grill shortly after the Super Bowl. (FOX5 Report It)

A local bar is taking a great deal of heat after putting up an insensitive joke on its marquee, targeted at the Denver Broncos but including sick children at St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

The sign at the Blind Tiger Bar & Grill said, "Broncos couldnt [sic] beat the kids at St Judes." It's since been taken down and the staff has apologized, but that's not enough for a man whose daughter has cancer.

The sign, viewable from Pecos Road, quickly drew a firestorm on social media. Jesse Moore saw a picture on Facebook.

"It was disgusting. I just got in the car and came right down here," Moore said.

Moore's 3-year-old daughter Jillian is battling stage 4 neuroblastoma cancer.

"I can't even describe the anger of not only me, but of all the families," he said.

When Moore arrived at the Blind Tiger, the sign had been changed. Still, he spoke his mind.

"I said, ‘I just wanted to let you know that my daughter has neuroblastoma cancer. It's got a 50-50 shot of killing her, and what was on that sign was just soulless,'" Moore said.

Moore spoke to bartender Sara Pranke.

"My heart goes out to his family and all the other ones," she said. "We apologize. It just wasn't meant to be that mean or hurtful towards these children or their families."

Pranke said the bar's co-owner was responsible for the message, admitting it crossed a line.

"It was in bad taste and we took it down," she said.

The bar's phone has been ringing off the hook and hateful Facebook comments keep coming.

According to Pranke, the bar actually helped raise thousands of dollars for St. Jude in the past.

"In May will be our third annual bike run with the donations all going to St. Jude," she said.

While Moore said he understands that Pranke and other employees are not responsible for the message, he'd like the co-owner who conceived it to personally donate to St. Jude and spend some time there.

"Let him take a walk through a St. Jude's cancer ward. Let him take a walk through any cancer ward so he can see the parents crying, he can see the children losing their hair and in pain, hooked up to all those machines," Moore said.

Blind Tiger employees said that in the past, racy jokes on the bar's marquee have attracted new customers. They said they'll be more sensitive from now on.

In an apparent public personnel move, the marquee currently reads, "We fired the sign guy."

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